Self-guided and interactive tour
Duration: 2h30

Explore the city with family and friends, let our application guide you! Discover its buildings, history, heroes, legends and secrets.


Play together! Navigate through the city, take quizzes and observation challenges. Your answers will unlock 6 specially selected local surprises from the backpack!

PRICE PER GROUP! Share 1 pack containing 6 surprises with your family or friends!

Totally FLEXIBLE: take a break when you want (museums, restaurants, shopping...) then continue exploring the city!


All group members can download the application on their phone!  You will receive the password to unlock the application by email!

You want to take the tour today, or in several months?
No problem, order your pack here then pick it up at the tourist office whenever you want, it's open every day.
Check the opening hours of the tourist office.

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