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About Us


Hi there! We are Laura et Georges, the team behind Hopla Guide.

We run this project together, and in our spare time, we run our life together. We are an international couple, she’s Argentinian, he’s French, but both “Made in Alsace”. 


Travellers, food lovers, culture addicts, wanderers... our lives brought us in many places, from Europe to Latin America.

Every trip, we seek for authentic experiences. We want to discover it all, but freely, spontaneously.


During our trips, we found ourselves with two options: either we had to follow a guided group, losing our independence, or wander around with the feeling of missing out on important places. 

What to see ? In what order ? And what souvenirs to buy and bring back home ? 


Is there no other way? 


What if we could visit a city on our own, with freedom and flexibility, and be sure we are going to see everything, learn about the local culture, and have fun at the same time? 

What if we could be guided explorers?


One day, we decided to put our abilities together and innovate. Laura has a master's degree in tourism specialized in management, marketing and eco-sustainability. Georges has a master's degree in history of art from Paris-Sorbonne university. We both have professional experience in tourism companies.

That is how Hopla Guide started. We built a solution, reimagined guided tours, and created a complete experience, both physical and digital. 

Cultural information had to be accessible to the explorer at any time, so we chose to build a mobile app, allowing interactivity and flexibility.

But we wanted to go further and create something that doesn't stay on your phone but materialises in the real world. So we selected exciting items that enhance the visit and bring the tour on another level of interaction, using other senses : touch, taste and smell.

We believe in slow tourism, in a respectful and deeper way of discovering. We empower little groups to live a true cultural exploration, not just a quick run in the city to take some pictures and go away without learning anything. Our explorers are meant to get an honest grasp of the local identity.

We invite you to take part in our story and give a chance to another kind of cultural experience.

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