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To our dearest explorers....

When we designed this tour, we set as a premise that every gesture to conceive it had to be respectful of our environment. We are continuously taking care of every detail so that you can have the best experience in the city, ensuring the least impact on the environment.

When it comes to our waste hierarchy policy, we have always been very mindful of the 4 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. This has led us over the years to look for the best solution for our packaging, our gifts, in order to provide the best, valuing craftsmanship, the local economy, the reduction of plastic, and reducing to the maximum the waste we generate in this activity.

Today we were faced with a situation that challenged our values: we received a batch of poorly printed backpacks. Our first reaction was to think that these backpacks could not be delivered, and would therefore end up in the trash, because we do not want to neglect the quality of what we give. We could not throw them away. But then, we reflected that the backpack itself fulfils its function of carrying the surprises, and how bad is a little bit of defect in a print, right?  After all, nobody is perfect. As a famous saying goes: What's important is what's on the inside. And we thought that our clients, you who are reading this, would understand and share our reasoning. 

Thank you for reading us, and we hope you enjoy your Santa Claus, a very local flavour for the festive season.

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