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Frequently Asked Questions

Albert Einstein dijo una vez que lo importante es no dejar de cuestionar.

Por eso, en Hopla Guide ya hemos preparado algunas respuestas a las principales preguntas que puedes tener sobre el recorrido.

Esperamos que te sean útiles. 

  • In which languages is the tour available?
    The tour is available in French, English, German and Spanish. Not yet available in your language? Don't hesitate to write to us and tell us in which other language you would like to enjoy Hopla Guide.
  • Do I need an internet connection to take the tour?
    Once the app is downloaded, you will need an internet connection only to log into the App and confirm your email and password. Once your connection is validated your phone will remain connected even if you close the app completely. The tour can then be completed without an internet connection. If you also want to have the audio commentary without connection, please download the audio before the visit (instructions in the application).
  • Can I buy the pack at the Tourist Office ?
    No, it is only possible to buy the pack on our website. If you decide to do the tour and you are already at the tourist office, you can order it on the website and get your backpack right after. You can order and do the tour in the same day.
  • What if I've already bought the tour but can't go?
    You can pick up your backpack whenever you want at the tourist office, so you can reschedule your visit to Colmar. If you can't go later, you can cancel your purchase and ask for a refund if less than 2 months have passed between the order and the day you ask for the cancellation. For all cancellations, we will deduct 5€ from the refund, which is the cost of our booking system for payment processing.
  • How many people can take the tour?
    We recommend purchasing a pack for a group of up to 6 people for an optimal experience. All the people accompanying the one who made the purchase can download the application and follow the route together. You will simply have to share the 6 surprises in the bag. If the group is larger, it is recommended to book several packs.
  • Do I have to download the application before arriving in the city?
    You can prepare the app before arriving to the city, so that you can start right away when you get your backpack! You will get the links to the app in your order confirmation email. You can download the app by searching for "Hopla Guide" in the Google Store or in the Apple Store. Don't forget you can send the links to the member of the group so that everyone can get the app on his/her phones!
  • How do I unlock the application?
    You can find the password of the app in the confirmation order email you received just after purchasing.
  • Is it possible to make stops during the tour ?
    Of course! This format was designed with flexibility in mind. You can enjoy the experience at your own pace, stop to rest in a restaurant, visit a museum, and resume where you left off without any problem.
  • Is there audio commentary?
    Yes, you have a choice, you can either read the comments, or listen to them, or both at the same time! You can listen to them on your phone speaker, headphones or earphones. All group members can download the app and listen to the comments individually. So don't forget your headphones! You can even download the audio tracks into the app before the tour, so you won't need an internet connection to listen to them in the city. If you don't download them, each audio will load individually. Please wait a few seconds after opening each page to play the audio.
  • What kind of surprises does the tour contain?
    There are 6 surprises. They have been specially selected for the visit and represent the tradition of the region. They are all produced by Alsatian craftsmen and local businesses. They are decorative objects, textiles and gastronomic products.
  • Can I keep the backpack after the tour?
    Of course you can! The backback, as well as all its contents, is included. You can take everything with you as a souvenir and reuse it in your daily life. A tip to protect the environment: what you don't want to keep, make sure you put it in the corresponding recycling containers ;)
  • I got lost, how can I find my way?"
    Inside the backpack you will find a printed map of the guided tour. Use it in addition to the application to help you find your way around. As a last resort, if you are still lost but have an internet connection, use a location service such as Google Maps to orient yourself. But again, this is a last resort and the tour has been designed so that you don't need it. We want the experience to be different from the everyday life in which we already use Google Maps regularly. If you still have any doubts, if you are still lost, or if you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you. +33749510404 (also on Whatsapp)
  • Can I close the application and continue my visit later?
    Yes, you can take a break whenever you want! Even if you close the app completely, you will still be connected. Then enter the list of steps of the tour and select the step where you left off to continue your adventure.
  • I'm running out of battery! What can I do?
    Don't panic! If several of you have a phone on you, you can continue the visit on another device. Download the Hopla Guide application, open it, enter the password and then in the menu button at the top left of the screen, tap on "steps of the visit". Select the stage where you stopped and continue your adventure. If you are alone or if the other members of the group have run out of battery too, you can stop at a bar, restaurant or tea room, ask to charge your phone and then continue.
  • Can I do the tour over several days?
    Yes, you can spread the visit over several days if you wish!
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